Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ebay, All the Way.

For people looking to save a few bucks on their wedding, I just wanted to recommend ebay.

We got so many things for our for very little money.

We got led night lights for our lantern pew ends (safety first kids!)

We also got stemtex (not to be confused with the popular explosive substance with a similar name) for doing the flower arranging with.

But we also got ribbon. Lots and lots of ribbon.

We got this green polyester for the cars and outside the church (bows constructed thanks to my sister and her boyfriend)

We got this lovely wide navy polysatin for the bouquets and pew ends.

And lastly my favourite. This navy and white polka dot for the buttonholes and place settings.

If you're thinking of picking up some things on ebay, I say go for it. Also, if any needs some stemtex I find myself in possession of about 10 rolls too many. It takes about a roll and a half for a wedding apparantly.

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