Saturday, May 14, 2011

Toronto Comic Arts Festival - TCAF

I mentioned that we had a really busy weekend last weekend. As well as spending a day in High Park we also visited TCAF, Toronto Comic Arts Festival, held in Toronto Reference Library. So a comic con then!

Conor loves this online comic about some kind of potato bear, beartato, and some other guys. So he got to talk to its creator (as much as you can talk to a very shy comic artist, that is but he was lovely) and he was good enough to do a cute drawing for us.

Some of the artist were charging for their drawings but Anthony Clark was so nice and was doing drawings for fans for free, which was very fortunate for us since we were a little light in the cash department. I did splash out on the cute badges though. We're going to frame them and hang them on the wall above the, as yet unbought, desk. I'll post pics when we get it done.

I wasn't that pushed about going but I ended up really enjoying it. The smell wafting from many of the attendees was a little off putting, I'll admit, but apart from that I liked it. We watched "Paul" that evening to keep the theme going.

(Did I manage to conceal my lack of knowledge about comic books in this post?)


  1. You managed to conceal your lack of knowledge about comics up to the point where you asked " have I managed ...."

  2. Oh Darn! Nearly got away with it. Haha! I got the drawing and the badges framed yesterday and they look great. I'm gona post pics when I've them on the wall.

  3. What did you think of Paul? I was happily surprised by it. I would love to go to a comic-con! Seems pretty fab! (geek glasses are well and truly on!)