Wednesday, May 11, 2011

High Park Cherry Blossoms

Conor had been keeping an eye on a website that was monitoring the porgress of the cherry blossoms in High Park in Toronto and this weekend just gone we finally got to see them.

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It was such a great day for it. For the first time this year I went out without a coat! I took some pics to share here.

I was excited to see these geese because they are something you would find in zoos in Ireland with a plaque telling you they are native to Canada so I feel seeing them actually in Canada has added to my Canadian experience. Now all I need to find is a wild bear and a wild moose and my life is complete.

This tree had a big ole rotten hole in the middle.

We finished off the visit with a walk around the rest of the park.

I don't know where I took this picture but I just love the front door on this house. Super cute.

We didn't see any coyotes but we did see this lil guy. What is this? A chipmunk?

(Makes you wonder would a hungry coyote not be a bigger worry than a fed one?)

We had some great news this week. Conor got a job! So after our walk in the park we went to get some dinner and drinks to celebrate. The limo wasn't for us though.

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