Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nine Loves

Hmm, this should be easy right? Not so much....

1. Bunnies. I love bunnies. We had a long line of pet rabbits as kids. They're so freakin' cute.

2. Blair Waldorf. Need I say more?

3. Cheese. The stinkier the better. I could eat cheese all day if I was let.

4. My netbook. I love it so much. Full size laptops are just so darn full in size, ya know what I mean?

5. Nissan Micra's. I was on my second one by the time I left Ireland and I fully intend to get another one whenever we get back.

6. Barrys tea. The tea in Canada just isn't the same.

7. Autumn.

8. Pyjamas.

9. Oh yeah, maybe I should put my husband in this list. Love you Conor!

and just for luck heres another bunny.


  1. glad you managed to sneak Conor into that list :)

  2. Yeah, I thought I better. Now, did you see the bunnies?