Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Invites

So as Conor has a design background it was obvious that he would design our wedding invites.

The boy loves art nouveau. We had been to Paris the year before we got engaged and loved the art nouveau furniture displayed in Musee D'Orsay, officially the best museum in Paris. Fact. Also, Conor showed me the gorgeous art nouveau subway entrances they have. I think Paris is our favourite city in the world.

We had already decided on navy and green as a colour scheme and with all these things that we loved in mind, Conor designed these invites for us. The day invites had a pouch on the left that held the RSVP card and envelope, a map from church to venue and details of accommodation for people needing to stay over night. The evening invites were the same shape but without the pockets.

(Conor designed the monogram too)

We were lucky that Conor's Mum is an expert in screen printing and we were so happy she did them for us. When we had everything ready we spent about 2 days assembling them. Double sided tape is you friend.

Navy waffely card - Art and Hobby Shop . The store in Newbridge gave us a great discount because we bought so much.

Navy envelopes - Great site. Whatever you are looking for, they will have it.

Screen Printing - Eithne Deloughry O'Byrne Fantastic, well she is my mother in law. Check out her artwork on her website.

Envelope liners - B and Q Yes thats right, wallpaper, not just for walls!

Thanks to me, Conor and White Tea Photo for the pictures.


  1. Oh Aoife, you've got such a talented and creative hubby! I love the pocket idea :)


  2. Oh wow! These are fab, well done on all of you!