Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I've been working with a temp agency since arriving in Canada. I've had some great placements but todays beats them all.

I working on the reception desk of the Ferrero Canada headquarters. This is the Ferrero of the Rocher fame.

If you didn't know the place was a chocolate company before going in you would know the minute you walked in the door. Its all creamy beiges, chocolate brown and gold leaf decor, with little towers of fake Ferrero Rochers where other companys would have boring old flower arrangements.

The people are so nice and I think I know why. They have your common or garden canteen for their lunch but they also have a separate coffee bar for their needs, including bar seating, an industrial size nespresso, a coffee grinder and a full on espresso machine. No wonder they're so happy.

They also have named their meeting rooms after chocolate so you could have a meeting in the Rocher room but the absolute best thing about spending the day in Ferrero is the goody bag they gave me when I was leaving!