Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wedding Shoes

So I've been craving Diane Hassals Buttercup shoes nearly as long as I've been engaged, but..... (and there is a very big BUT) they are more than I really wanted to pay for my wedding shoes.

So I went on the hunt for the best price I could find. I got my list of Irish stockists from the Rainbow Club website and started calling. I knew Elegant Steps had them for €230 so I hoped to do a bit better than this.

Well one of the first stores I got through to was Chamarie in Mullingar. I told the girl I had got her number from the website and asked did she stock the shoes. I had expected to have to order them in but turns out she had buttercup in in a 3!! (my size) and, and, and, they were on sale!!

I headed down there the next day from Kildare, and I have to say the shop is just fabulous. Before I settled on buttercup the girl there was so helpful and brought me out lots of other options in my size she thought I might like. There was so many great choices there that I found it hard to decide, but eventually I went for Buttercup. I thought I might regret it in the future if I didnt go for my first love. In the end they I got them for €170, so very happy with my bargain.

I have to say the experience in the shop was great and I would definetly recommend anyone looking for beautiful shoes to try there.

Also to all you Mullingar residents, I haven't been to Mullingar since I was a kid and you guys are spoilt for some great shops and boutiques down there. I'm so jealous.

Heres my shoes....

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  1. I love these babies!Don't you want to take them out of the box and give them a cuddle every so often?