Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our Engagement Story!

So one day a few months before me and Conor went ring shopping. Well when I say ring shopping we didn't go intending to actually buy anything, see what suited me and what kind of money we were looking at.

Well long story, short, we found one we both loved and went away to think about it. I'm incredibly indecisive, so in the end I just had to tell Conor to make the decision for me (it was his money afterall!).

So a while later it was the Sunday before Easter Sunday and Conor was up in my house in Kildare for a visit. We had been trying to save money so we're always trying to think of things we can do to have a day out together for as little money as possible. A few weeks before we had decided we could take a walk around my village as Conor had never really seen it and there was lots of lovely walks and little historical spots that I could show him.

So off we headed on our walk.....

To be continued.......

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